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Jesus not only calls you by name to Himself... he also calls you into a new environment.  

How do we make sure we are not stuck in the trappings of a man-made religion?

Where do you find stability when the ground feels like it is about to give way beneath you?

It is not our favorite part of the story of scripture, but it is part of the story. So let's talk about it.

Do you ever feel like you are just wandering through life? Is there a better way? Let's find out together.

Don't Judge Me!

So how does Jesus handle sin anyway? Does He judge sin or is He all about love and anything goes? The answer might suprize you.

The controversy around religion is not as complicated as we think. Jesus helps us get to the heart of the issue. 

Showing interest in Jesus dose not mean one actualy believes in Jesus. 

We try realy hard to be unique to stand out from the rest but often end up looking just like everyone else. Where then is true uniqueness found?

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