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Much of life is a scramble for favorable outcomes and opportunities… but is that really what life is all about? 

How to navigate the storm

As much as we want to believe life should go smoothly for us it often doesn't. How then do we navigate the storms of life?

We need to know who we can trust with important issues - like who is right and who is wrong. The problem is we are bombarded will all kinds of people who claim knowledge but have n...

Jesus picks a fight

The battle between Jesus and the Legalistic-Religious-Traditionalist is about to start. In this battle, there will be casualties. The question is, how are you going to make sure yo...

John 3:16 is known as the Gospel in a "nutshell" - and rightly so. But is the Good News a ticket to Heaven? Listen and find out. It might just surprise you. 

Haven't we moved past this language of being "born-again"? Isn't there a more user-friendly way of talking about being a Christian... isn't it just about God helping bad people get...

A Problem with Worship?

Is there a problem with the way we worship?

How to be a "Big Deal" in the day-to-day life.

The themes of life and the themes of Scripture are the same.... it is all about striving for our Destiny

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